2019 Events

  • 7 JAN

    Chi-Fen Chen, Ganesan lab
    "Understanding the cellular origins of melanoma: Characterizing nevi development"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 28 JAN

    Rachel Chow, Atwood lab
    "The role of aPKC-iota/lambda in regulating basal cell carcinoma drug resistance"
    4PM, B002 Sprague Hall

  • 4 FEB

    Yingying Han, Dai lab
    "EMT-inducing transcription factor Zeb1 regulates mammary basal stem cell fates"
    4PM, B002 Sprague Hall

  • 11 FEB

    Kosuke Yamaga, Plikus lab
    "Regulation of hair growth by extrafollicular signaling"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 4 MAR

    Ziguang Lin, Andersen lab
    "Studying cellular heterogeneity of neonatal-mouse epidermis via scRNA-seq"
    4PM, B002 Sprague Hall

  • 18 MAR

    Melissa Ann McNeil, Dai lab
    "Exploring the molecular mechanism of quiescence control in mammary stem cells"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 25 MAR

    Chris Guerrero-Juarez, Nie lab
    "Studying the mechanism for wound-induced skin regeneration"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 1 APR

    Daniel Haensel, Dai lab
    "Exploring molecular regulation and cellular heterogeneity in skin repair"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 8 APR

    Shuxiong Wang, Nie lab
    "Delineating Transition Cells from scRNA-seq Data via Soft Clustering Methods"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 22 APR

    Rolando Ruiz-Vega, Lander lab
    "Can "Oncogene Induced Senescence" control nevus growth control?"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 29 APR

    Morgan Dragan, Dai lab
    "Cutaneous and whole-body defects caused by epithelial-specific loss of Ovol1 and Ovol2 transcription factors"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 13 MAY

    Joann Yuan, Meyskens lab
    "Gender-Specific Risk Disparities and Potential Determinants in Oxidative Stress in Cutaneous Melanoma"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 20 MAY

    Guadalupe Gutierrez, Dai lab
    "Resolving basal cell heterogeneity in mammary gland using single cell RNA sequencing"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 22 MAY

    John Seykora, University of Pennsylavania

    10:30AM, Weinstein library (125 Med Surge I)

  • 3 JUN

    Adam Stabell, Atwood lab
    "Studying basal cell heterogeneity in the epidermis"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 10 JUN

    Jefferson Chen, Andersen lab
    "The role of IRX transcription factors in the epidermis and hair follicle"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 17 JUN

    Philip Scumpia, UCLA
    "Redrawing the MAP(gel) for wound healing and skin regeneration"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 24 JUN

    Tuyen Nguyen, Atwood lab
    "Primary cilia in psoriasis"
    4PM, 105 Sprague Hall

  • 25 JUN

    Xiaomin Bao, Northwestern
    "Transcription Regulators Modulating Human Somatic Tissue Regeneration"
    2PM, 105 Sprague Hall

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